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Bedonia, Parma Italy is a small town nestled in the mountains of the Emilia Romagna region. This once booming town is now struggling to survive due to the Euro replacing the Lira.

This has caused monetary strife which caused a chain reaction of factories going bankrupt, people losing jobs, stores closing, restaurants folding and people moving away in search of work.

This area has so much to offer. Hiking, biking, nature walks, great food, horseback riding and being centrally located to many other amazing towns and cities in Northern Italy makes this village a true gem.

Georgian Court University’s Digital Communication department has been working on giving it more visibility. We are all grateful to these students for their hard work and ideas that can facilitate tourism.

However, there is much more that needs to be done. Our local, Italian entrepreneurs have been working on a plan to help initiate more movement in the area by creating an outdoor adventure park. It will be the only park of its kind in Italy. It will be environmentally friendly and make the physically disadvantaged participant. It will have zip lines, rope bridges, tree houses as hotel rooms, and paths through the woods that will all be wheel chair attainable. This innovated idea will sustain the locals giving us our independence. Great open fields, woods and hills will give this park its home. We have the project completed, the attractions chosen, the area designated. We have raised half the money through local donations and investments. But we have exhausted all other avenues. Now, we are reaching out to anyone who understands the beauty of the Italian culture. It is one of the few awesome spots left in Italy that cradles its roots and has held tight to its lifestyle.

If any of you want to help, please post on social media sites, text and email this link to everyone you know or donate now.

Thank you for your assistance.