All tours are lead by an English-speaking, native Italian guide. Let us take you on an Italian journey that you’ll never forget.

Private tours are $2,000 per person (flight not included). The tour package consists of:

  • 5 days of tours (chosen from the options below or make up your own from our full list, within 3 hrs. of the villa)
  • Your 7 night stay at the Villa
  • Breakfasts
  • 1 evening of appetizers at the villa
  • A dinner upon arrival
  • 1 Italian style lunch
  • Pick up/drop off at the Milan, Malpensa airport
  • All your entrance fees to the various museums/castles mentioned
  • Ground transportation
  • One free day to explore on your own
  • A guide that speaks fluent Italian and English

The full list of tours can be found here.

Veleia/Grazzano Visconti – This small Roman vacation town, now ruins, was a very important spot for the Romans to visit and relax. Only the wealthy had a home here. You can still see the layout of the town, the temple and the public baths. There is also a tiny museum with artifacts and jewelry found on the premises. Instead, Grazano Visconti is a castle where the Visconti still live. It cannot be visited, but the village that was made in the early 1900’s is a charming replica of the medieval times that once surrounded its structure. There are shops and trattorias that play into to the theme of the land. (1:30 min. from Bedonia)

*Mountain Hike – We will hike up the local mountain to a spot at the top, where on a clear day, you can see as far as Corsica. The panorama is breath taking! We will have a picnic at the top while we enjoy the view. (30 min. drive, 2-4 hr. hike)
-Choice of hike difficulty: Medium/difficult

*The Castle of Compiano – This castle, built in the year 814, and small hamlet is one of the most prestigious of its kind. Well preserved with a view from the top that falls on the mountains and valley below. It has great little cobblestone streets and architecture that stays true to its era. We will visit the village, have the chance to take photos and walk through the castle that was refurbished when the Countess Gambarotta bought the structure in the 1960’s.

*The Castle of Bardi – (Departure 9:00) This is a small Medieval village with the castle set on a hill. It is said that Count Dracula stayed here as a guest many years ago. The structure is in good condition. Most of the rooms are not decorated; however, there is the torture chamber that is equipped with many devices used in medieval times. (30 min. from Bedonia)
The small town affiliated with the castle offers bars, trattorias and shops for the locals. We will stop for lunch and then have the chance to check out some of the shops.

Genoa – This city is the home of Christopher Columbus. We will see where he lived, walk the alleyways, check out the shops and architecture. Genoa is famous for 3-dimensional painting on their buildings to make it seem that there is frame work around the windows and doors and stonework on the edifices. We will also see the house of the Boia, (only seen from the outside). This is the place where the men of the State lived while performing the beheadings of the local criminals condemned to death. (2 hrs. from Bedonia)

Fontanellato Castle and Maze – This is a castle that has been recently restored and opened to the public, with a mote around it. After exploring the Castle we will visit the maze. This Labyrinth is the world’s largest structure of its kind. It covers 17.5 acres of land and follows the original design of Michael Angelo’s star map to protect Florence. The symbolic meaning behind the maze is life’s voyage from ignorance to enlightenment. (1:30 min. from Bedonia)

Cycling – Bicycle through the mountains with little effort. We have bicycle assist or E- bikes which allows you to peddle through even the toughest areas. When you need assistance it is there to power you through. This is an innovative way to experience the mountains of Italy even if you are not in the best of shape. Our guide will be there every step of the way, so you can enjoy the views with no worries of getting lost! This is a 2 hour ride, picnic lunch and return back to the villa. (departure directly from Bedonia)

*Ravenna – Once the capital of The Western Roman Empire, this charming city is on the Adriatic and is famous for its mosaics, architecture and Dante’s Tomb, among other things. (3 hrs. from Bedonia)

*All tours with the asterisk are less touristy and off the beaten path.



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